Kitchen Use:

  1. Members may use kitchen facilities by arrangement with caretaker or committee chairman for personal and/or family social events. Any use of kitchen and hall for profit, unless for club events, is prohibited without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  2. Facility must be left properly cleaned and ready for use for the next function. Committee chairman or caretaker will be responsible for verification of properly cleaned condition.
  3. Anyone using the kitchen facility will sign in and out on a sheet posted on the kitchen door. this will include all workers assisting themember using the facility. Kitchen chairman will ratin sign-in sheets for reference.
  4. Member using kitchen for outside function will supply his or her own paper/plastic goods and foodstuffs, unless otherwise arranged with chairman.
  5. A reasonable contribution is expected for gas, electricity and charcoal use.
  6. Kitchen equipment is club property and may not be borrowed or removed from kitchen. NO EXCEPTIONS
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