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5-stand main5-Stand National Sporting Clay Association (NSCA)


 Hours of Operation (subject to Events Calendar and weather):

Saturday 12:00pm - 3:00pm





5-stand for Beginners (limited to beginners ONLY!):

Every 3rd Saturday  10:00am - 12:00pm



Pricing (per round of 25): 

Commitee/Junior/Life Members $3.00 round
Members/Junior Non-Members $4.00 round
Non Members $5.00 round




Five Stand is very similar to Sporting Clays in that a wide variety of targets are thrown. No two 5-stands are exactly alike. There are five "stands" or stations to shoot from. There are usually somewhere between 6 and 8 traps that throw targets.Participants shoot in turn at each of the 5 stands and various combinations of targets are thrown from the traps. Usually there is a menu card that will advise the shooter of the sequence of targets. Five Stand is a great way to get a Sporting Clays-like experience in a small amount of space, with very little walking.


Our 5-Stand

At Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club we have 10 traps involved in our 5-Stand operation. Each trap has a unique presentation from running rabbits, to springing teal, and also includes incoming, outgoing, quartering-away, quartering-in and other angled targets.

Up to 5 shooters participate in a round and shoot at each of the 5 stations or stands. On the first pass at each stand, the shooter gets a 2-Shot Single target from one of the numbered presentations. Next, each shooter gets what is known as a Report Pair of targets. This is where after the first shot is fired, the second target is released. On the third and final pass on each stand, the shooter receives a True Pair of targets with both targets thrown simultaneously. Each shooter then moves to the next stand. That's a total of 5-targets at each of the 5 stands for 25 total clays.

The beauty of our 5-Stand is that not only are there different presentations at each station, but the order of them can be altered each day. For that matter, the location of the traps themselves can be changed from time to time so that presentations can vary and different levels of difficulty can be added into the game. 


1   Eye and ear protection mandatory
2   Shotguns are limited to 2 rounds a time.  
3   Shot size is limited to #7 1/2 to #9
4   Chokes may not be changed after the round has begun
5   Any gauge shotgun may be used as long as it is fired from a shoulder
6   Shooters, upon entering the station/cage must place the barrel(s) of their shotgun over the front rails.  At this point they may load a gun with two shells.
7   While in shooting stand, with the shotgun barrels over the front rail, any unfired rounds must be unloaded from the gun prior to leaving the stand.
8   When not in the firing stand, the action of your gun must be open and empty.  The gun must be pointed in a safe direction.
9   Shooters must remain within their station / shooting cage during an active round of shooting.  Shooters may not leave their station until instructed to do so by the trapper / referee.
10    Shooters requiring assistance are to raise their hand to signal the trapper or referee of a problem and request assistance.
11    Misfires are not to be placed in the bucket with empty shells
12   By law, not shooting after 10:00pm
13   No alcohol consumption before shooting
14   No one under 18 allowed in skeet house unless supervised by an adult



In 1985, Clay-Sport began creating 5-Stand Sporting specifically with the bird hunter in mind. This game was designed to be easy and inexpensive to fit onto any of the thousands of existing trap and skeet fields, and it was also designed to follow the same format and rotation as ATA trap to make it easy to follow for the shooters of these popular shooting disciplines.

The original game was played with no menu cards, which meant the shooters didn't know which throwers the clay targets were coming from, making the game more like hunting, but much more fun as well. All the targets were highly visible since they passed over a central area on the playing field, and the shooters relied on their instinctive shooting skills to break them. When the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) and National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) took over 5-Stand in America however, they adopted menu cards to make the game more regimented, like skeet.

Today, 5-Stand Sporting has been adopted by the Federation Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse (FITASC), and with minor rule changes, they call their version Compak Sporting. Regardless, the game is now played in virtually every clay target shooting country in the world.

5-Stand Sporting is a registered trademark of Clay-Sport International Inc.

If you are looking for a new challenge, look no further. This shotgun sport will require all of your focus to shoot well. While at the club make sure you stop by the 5 Stand field and give it a try.


Members can check out guns from the main office to shoot 5-stand.


For more information contact:

Paul Casttellone 401-465-9861 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club ♦ 200 Brook Rd. ♦ Harrisville, RI ♦ 5-Stand Chairman: Everett Parkin ♦ 401-651-2926 


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