Outdoor Range Rules:

These rules apply to both pistol and rifle disciplines.

Firearms and Alcohol DO NOT MIX! If you have had even one drink, DO NOT SHOOT!!!

1. All shooters, including guests, must sign in and out of clubhouse logbook. Guests must also complete and sign an insurance disclaimer form.
2. A member may bring no more than three non-family guests per day.
3. Guests must pay a $5 per person/per visit fee. Members’ children under 18, spouses of members and any individual participating in an organized event are exempt from the fee. All other guest rules apply.
4. All shooters must wear a club badge or a guest tag in plain sight.
5. Members with guests have special responsibilities. The member:
a. is responsible for guests’ conduct and every shot fired by guests
b. Will stand beside and supervise each guest while shooting
c. Above all, will permit only one guest to shoot at a time.
6. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the range area or range parking lot. After consumption of any alcoholic beverage, on a given day, no one may handle or shoot a firearm or sponsor a shooting guest on that same day.
7. Range hours:
a. Club hunting season: Monday – Sunday, 11:00 am till sunset.
b. Remainder of year: Monday – Saturday, 9:00 am till sunset.
c. Sunday: 10:00 am till sunset.
8. Range closures: Ranges are closed for general use on:
a. Opening day of club hunting and club fishing seasons
b. Field Day
c. RI state Trap Shoot
d. Annual fishing derby (outdoor pistol, outdoor rifle, and lower trap fields only are closed until 2 PM)
e. Other closures may be permitted by the Board of Directors, with at least four weeks’ advance notice, as well as being posted in the club newsletter, club calendar, and on the club web site.

9. The most experience club member on the firing line must act as range officer and assume responsibility for the safe operation of the range. All shooters will cooperate with the range officer. The range officer has the authority to remove any shooter he/she feels is in violation of any of the range rules. The decision of the range officer is final.
10. No one may go forward of the firing line until the range officer has cleared the line, declared the range to be safe, and activated the range warning horn and light system. The range is not safe until all firearms are emptied with actions open, clips/magazines removed, and safeties placed in the on position. Firearms must be benched and pointed downrange or in a rack, and everyone in the range area must be aware that a range safe condition is being called. Terms such as, “The line is clear,” “The range is clear,” or “The range is safe” may be used to announce a safe range condition.
a. There is a range safety flag at the 50-yard line and it must be up whenever anyone goes beyond it. The last person returning from downrange is responsible for putting it down and informing the range officer that no other persons are downrange.
b. No one may handle, adjust, or touch firearms when anyone is downrange.
11. Firing lanes:
a. The far left side of the range is bordered with a 50-yard berm, and is reserved for pistols and .22 caliber rim-fire rifles.
b. Center-fire rifles must use the center or right-side lanes, numbered 1 – 16 and their shots must impact the target area located behind the 100 or 200-yard berms.
c. Cross firing is NOT PERMITTED. Any shot, which is not straight downrange, in a line perpendicular to the firing line, is considered crossfire.
12. Targets:
a. Paper, cardboard, or other suitable shooting target may be used. Glass, cans or exploding targets are prohibited.
b. Shooters must supply their own targets. Targets may not be mounted on the wood supports of club-supplied target frames. Frames must be stripped of used targets and returned to the target house at the edge of the range before leaving.
c. Mobile target frames should be stripped of used targets and returned to the side of the range.
d. All brass and trash must be properly disposed of.
e. Targets must be mounted such that all shots are level and impact the berm behind the target.

13. Firing procedures:
a. Full automatic or multi-shot bursts are prohibited. Any devices or techniques that simulate this type of firing are prohibited.
b. No rapid fire is allowed.
c. No tracer, incendiary, or explosive ammo is allowed. Any member who witnesses violations of the above rules is immediately required to notify the outdoor range chairman, the caretaker and/or a member of the Board of Directors.

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